Learn about the Basic Concepts of SEO & How it Works

The word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is mainly a process to get traffic to your websites and increase the visibility as well. Search engine optimization is the basic concept to ensure that your websites ranks to all the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo in certain keywords. The ultimate promising aim of this process is to have your domain in the primary search results of the search engines. Before you study deep about SEO it is better that you understanding the search engines at first.


To know about the Search Engines as well as their general concept is the vital way to comprehend the usage of the effectiveness of the SEO methods. Search engines mainly enable the visitors to enter to a website through a specific word that we call as keywords. Once you submit the keywords, the search engine starts searching all the pages that contains those keywords and places the relevant sites in your screen. Now, how you set the keywords is more important because each page would rank according to relevancy, popularity and many other factors. Therefore, it is said that the more relevant the keyword is the more likely the web page would appear at the top of the listings.


About Search Engine Spiders, Bots & Crawlers

There is another significant factor about search engine is that there are bots or what we call as spider that crawls to the billions of websites and ensures about the relevance of the same. The “spider” or “bots” does the calculations and this is how the search engine determines the rank of any website to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.


Basic Components of Search Engine Optimization

The basic components of any SEO campaign are divided into on page and off page optimization techniques. Here the On page SEO means the working techniques like the inclusion of the keyword, perfectly optimizing the content and creating the page structure. On the other hand the main contributing in terms of off page optimization is dealing with the inbound links. You would find that there are several factors that you can work on to being up or gain the higher rankings for website.


So, probably you can say that utilizing the SEO concept would allow you to experience the beneficial means of Internet promotion. The technique is very cost effective and can easily help in yielding long term results and even generate leads through it. The best thing is you can view the popularity of the site that would move high through SEO.

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