Several SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

With increase in the use of digital marketing more and more people are embracing SEO optimization. But there are few common mistakes that people usually make. What are those mistakes?


Though SEO is one of the most trending digital marketing methods, it is necessary to be careful while implementing it. There are many advantages of making your website SEO optimized, but there are lots of mistakes that people make and thus instead of getting any benefits they get a few negative impacts or no changes at all.


So, I am going to list out few things that you have to stop doing now if you are doing it. You may not even know it but it is necessary to be completely aware about things you have implemented. Here we go:

  1. Keyword overuse– Most people thinks that using a particular again and again is a good idea as it will make sure that the client has got your attention. But it is one if the top mistakes that they make as most of the readers find it really annoying to read the same keyword again and again. So make sure never to use the same keyword more than twice on the same page
  2. Using incorrect keywords– Well, it is really nice that you are trying to optimize your website using various keywords. But are you using the correct ones? Are you keeping in mind the search result each keyword will result in or the use of long tail keywords searched by the users? Most of the people ignore these facts and optimize their website with keywords that doesn’t appear in any searches. Hence it is necessary to make sure what is the scope of the keyword you are going to use.
  3. Copy Pasting contents– It is highly recommended to create original content when creating one as there are many tools in the market that now detect plagiarism and even the search engines itself doesn’t allow the copy paste method. Many people just simple copy paste the content regarding their keywords and think that it will work. It does not work nowadays. So make sure you have original content before publishing it.
  4. Publishing content that is not related to the keyword– The main point of writing content is to make sure that it is about the keywords used in the optimization. But people often forget this and in the end the content created is not related to the keywords in any way. Make sure that you always create content about the keyword used.
  5. Quality internal and external links– Suppose you are browsing a website and you want to login into your account, but when you click on login link; it takes you to the Contact Us page. How would you feel? Frustrated? You will decide to remove your account from this site. Same happens to your customer, if you are using incorrect external and internal links. It is necessary to use correct links while implementing SEO.


Here were the five major points that you should always take note of, when you are trying to implement SEO to your website. Make sure to not make these common errors that normally people make in SEO implementation.