Top 5 Internet Marketing Blog Sites That You Must Follow

Amidst of so many blogs available on Internet Marketing there are some that contains great information for the beginners as well as the experience one. This blog contains a list of few of those blogs sites.

If you are going to start out in Internet Marketing then the best way to start is to gather basic information about it. Though there are many tutorials and books that you can go through, the best method that will not only help you learn your way step by step in an easy and understandable way, but will also be interesting and entertaining. Well, that method is reading as much blogs as you can.Blogs are much more interesting and contains information based on the personal experience of the writer. Hence, it is a great source of practical information and will make you understand much better.


If we talk about Internet or Digital Marketing, there are thousands of blogs available on the subject. Now you will ask which blog to read from so many. To make it easy for you, I have listed down five top blogs sites on the topic of Digital marketing.


  • Search Engine Land– This is the leading industry source for daily, must-read news and in-depth analysis about search engine technology. This blog covers almost every topic on Internet Marketing from content writing to SEO development. The blogs contains the upgraded information on all technical advancements and recent updates. This blog is must read, if you want to learn/aware about Internet Marketing. –
  • SEO BLOG– Though this is one of the oldest blog sites, its blogs are engaging and up to date with blogs on all recent technological advancements. You can easily get blogs on every topic related to digital Marketing. –
  • SEO BOOK– With the blogs about most of the changes and updates on search engine, you can easily get to know what changes you have to make in your website to get visibility on search results. This blog is one of the best for the SEO optimization of your website. –
  • SEARCH ENGINE WATCH– Containing all the details and information on every topic related to SEO and other digital marketing option, this site is an amazing source for learning basic concepts about Internet Marketing. This site is also easy to navigate and hence very popular. –
  • KISSMETRICS– One of the most updated blog with great content on analytics and metrics and recent news about the optimization of search engine algorithms, this is one of the most informative blog and has got a large number of viewers. This is a must read blog if you are trying to gather information on recent search engine updates.-


So these were five most popular blog sites with great deal of information and news on various topics of Internet Marketing. It would be great if you go through few of these blogs before starting the digital marketing of your website as it is always better to test the waters before jumping in. Hope you like my blog-