Top 5 Keyword Research Tools for SEO Uses

There is many tools that help to analyse keywords and perform a research to get a keyword list using which we can implement SEO. Some of the best tools are mentioned in this blog along with a bit of its information.


Did you know that SEO uses the keywords to optimize your website and it is the keywords that help to make your website appear on the search engine page? Well, this is the fact and hence it describes the extreme importance of including keywords in your website that are being most searched. Thus, before you start on getting your website SEO optimized, it is better to do some keyword research. But how to do it? Well, you don’t have to go and analyse every keyword. You can use a tool that is used specifically for keyword research.


I have listed some of the top Keyword Research tools with a bit of their description:

  1. GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER– A tool that helps you to search for keywords and see what exactly will be the search results. You have to enter your products details or your services and the list of keywords most suited for your website will be displayed. You can make changes in keyword list to get more keywords. Google Keyword Planner is great for getting traffic forecast for a particular list of keywords.
  2. KEYWORD TOOL– This is the best tool for getting long tail keywords that are often missed by other keywords research tools. Keyword Tool is the best tool for the purpose of data mining of keywords. Using this tool you can find effective keywords. It also helps you to get a keyword list for various most popular sites like YouTube, Amazon etc.
  3. SEMRUSH– One of the most used keyword research tool, SEMrush is the best place to get not only keywords but also more suggestions for the keywords displayed. The best thing about SEMrush is that if do keyword analysis for about hundred different domains. It also offers a regional database that provides regional keywords for different international regions. This is one of the best for long tail keyword research.
  4. AHREFS– Ahrefs keyword research tool is great to find long tail keywords with a through detail about keyword difficulty. Using click stream data it also displays how many click will you get as per every keyword you use? Isn’t it great? You can try out different keywords and see which one will receive most clicks. Ahrefs provide data integrated graph and a very user friendly UI that will help you understand everything.
  5. KWFINDER– Kwfinder is the tool that is specifically used for keyword research and analysis. It helps in getting keywords of problem solving content that will without any doubt will get more traffic than use of other keywords. It displays the trend, the difficulty level of the results etc. It is a must use tool for long tail keyword research.


These were the top rated tools that you can use for keyword research. There are other emerging tools as well that are great to use and you can find them on internet. However, it will be best to hire a professional team to implement SEO in your website.