What is React Native Development? Cost and Benefits?

React Native Development Company

React Native is a JavaScript framework created by Facebook for the development of genuinely native apps for cross platforms like iOS and Android with a single JavaScript code base. It is based on a JavaScript known as React and hence boosts its powerful features to native mobile app development. It is easy to debug and performs well on selected platforms. Mobile apps developed using React Native are indistinguishable from the apps developed using Objective-C or Java. It’s deployed the same core fundamental user interface building blocks used by the regular Android and iOS apps, but still we can assemble the building blocks using React and JavaScript.

Now a day, React Native has incredibly gained massive popularity, market share and community support within the few years since it was introduced. According to Google Trends in 2016 search terms for React Native exceeded Android and iOS development. Apart from being a popular framework, today React Native development has become a trending topic. Developers consider React Native as a write-once-deploy-anywhere solution, potentially speeding up development process for applications that need to be written for both Android and iOS.

Benefits of React Native

React Native has achieved rapidly popularity amongst the developer community, with over 2 years in existence. The main benefits of React Native are given below:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

React Native was originally developed for iOS platform, Facebook extended its support for Android as well owing to its amazing features and capabilities. So, most of the React Native APIs are cross platform compatible, which enables React Native developers to create both iOS and Android app simultaneously with one code base. Moreover, when necessary we can embed native code conveniently to add a more platform-specific authenticity to our apps. Therefore, this considerably save time as well as the development cost otherwise spent writing two codes. React Native also provides Platform modules and Platform specific file extensions. With the help of Platform specific file extension, it can be easy to select the correct file based on the OS the app is running on.

  • Quick Development

App development isn’t easy and required lots of time. Coding in Java may seem like a hassle and required depth coding knowledge and experience. React Native enabled developers to work with only one type of script, i.e., JavaScript instead of having technical expertise in two different types of scripts. This expedited development process at a greater extent.

  • Shorter Development Cycles

As React Native is an open source project, it contains lot of components that are easily available for React Native apps development. So, faster mobile apps development is now possible with React Native. Generally it drops the overall development times by around 30%.

  • Large Community of Developers

In fact React Native is an open-source JavaScript platform which is continuously supported by the development community. The contribution of every developer is easily accessible by all other developer. So, anyone can get the complete advantage of this community-driven technology where a large team of enthusiastic JS and native developers happy to share their expertise and knowledge. It has large catalogs of freely available components.

  • Easy to learn

Since React Native relies on language fundamental, it is highly readable and easy to learn. It ia an ideal platform for novice developers, who don’t have in-depth knowledge JavaScript. It also provides a large range of components, like filters and maps.

  • Supports Third-Party Plug-in

The React Native also supports the third-party plug-ins which helps React Native developers with couple of options that include JavaScript modules and native modules as it does not contain some components in the main framework. For example, if a react native developers are implementing any Map in their app, React Native make it easier by connecting the plug-in with a native or third-party module.

  • Supported by Facebook and a growing technology

When a developers working with a relatively new coding framework, they are mostly concerned about the app’s viability and the support expected in the future. The sizeable developing community along with Facebook is continuously supporting and improving it under development framework, adding advanced futuristic goals and a promise to help by better technology in the future.

Estimate Time and Cost to Build with React Native

React Native is indeed a new web technology, therefore a developer has to learn a new framework but with the same languages as always employ by a web developer. The development cost of an application by using React Native may vary depending on the amount of content required and the desired control you want to have over the entire process. It is possible with React Native to develop an application very quickly within approximately 3 weeks of there is there is a clear view regarding the required application you want to develop. The hiring cost of react native developers also directly depends on the complexity of features of the desirable app.

Tips for selecting a right React Native development company for your requirement

For you new app development requirement, you need to hire best React Native developer company that can efficiently implement your whole idea. Selecting the right react native development company that suits your business necessity is not an effortless task. A right company can fulfill your requirement very efficiently, add usefulness to your business and can maximize your income. However the below tips can be helpful for your requirement:

  • First try to ask your friends and colleagues if they know a good developer company. They may recommend someone they better know and they’ve been using.
  • This will minimize your risk, if you hire a development company that already has been tested.
  • You might think to hire a freelancer for your requirement, but one person might not have all the potential that you need. That’s the reason to hire a development company.
  • One person (an individual freelancer) might not have all the capabilities that you need. That’s why you might need to go bigger and hire a development company for your React Native Apps Development
  • Prepare your budget prior to your decision, as development companies play better role, but they also come with a higher price.