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Search Engine Optimization

Service by Asian IT Solutions

Find the best and affordable digital marketing, SEO services company in Lucknow, our expert team will help you to improve your website ranking in SERPs like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO Services Company in India

We (Asian IT Solution) are one of the prominent names for website promotional services in Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, India. We are offering affordable seo packages, professional seo services, and local seo services at lowest price. With over extensive years of marketing experience in both online and offline campaigns, we tend to provide online marketing strategies to our worldwide clientele and this has helped us to add up profitable online presence day by day. Under the internet marketing activities, we perform successful services like SEO services, PPC services, inbound marketing, Social Media marketing, landing page design and many others. This is our forte and we work hard in delivering the best in all the aspect.

Since internet marketing is regarded as the marketing activities that we do online, we look to move towards our motto that is to satisfy our clientele through 100% satisfaction through the result. We are one of the reputed seo companies in India, work as a team and work towards bringing-up that transformation, which is required so as to help a business gain rich dividends in a short span of time. With perfect SEO services availed from us you would be able to grab an optimal budget from the business.

We are set by definite goal, which is to create a dynamic element in terms of online marketing. Our goal is crystal clear in front of us and with the help of dexterous and dedicated team of professionals, we are about to provide lucrative services in terms of internet marketing. By taking the SEO services from us you would be get maximum exposure, lead, visitors as well as hits every day. This will in turn allow you to earn business out of it. In addition to this, we also work in such a manner so as to dethrone the competitors that comes to your path and let you win the race easily. You can opt for social media optimization services as well.

  • Web site Analysis

Website analysis is the 1st process that is done by our SEO expert. We first analyze your whole web site just to find any on page optimization mistakes. We analyze your Webs page whether they are optimized or not. Is there any broken links in your website or not etc.

  • Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis is the key process in the SEO strategy. We discover the best keywords that according your website needs. We search several types of keyword that can help to improve your ranking in Google and can profit your business. This step will select which keywords your Website will come on the first page of

  • SEO Strategy Method

SEO strategy is the technique by which we decide how your website SEO should begin. SEO strategy depends upon web site. If on page optimization is full then we can begin with off page-optimization and if on page is not optimized than we first start with your pages of the website and so go to OFF page optimization. So, it all depends upon web site and hence we will follow a useful SEO planning.

  • Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is another most important view of SEO strategy. Competitive analysis means we analyze your competitor web site as a way to discover why your competitor web site is coming on Top results on Google. We analyze their Meta tag like title, descriptive, keyword tag as well as to find a way that will help to make your website on top pages on Google.

  • Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization means your web site is present by the people of your state. Local search Engine spiels a really important part in order to get traffic from your state. it will help to promote Business locally. Hence increasingly people will discover who you are and what your business is.

  • Search Engine Friendly Design

Growing business sites are those sites may be SEO friendly. SEO friendly mean that Google or any other search engine is able to read your site. In order to make your web site Search engine friendly we do different kinds of work on web site like recovering your navigation URL, Remove any broken links etc.

  • Reporting

We make reports to your website delivery on weekly, monthly base. So that you can know your website ranking is bettered while we are doing our Search engine optimization. It will help you know about status rise in the search engines.

So, the best thing that you can do is to contact us today and we will let you know more about what the SEO service offered by Asian IT Solutions can do to boost your business!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of increasing the number and quality of traffic to your website through organic, natural, free or editorial search engine results and help your website to attain a high position in the search results of Google and many other search engines on the web.

Simply SEO can be considered as quality control for your websites. Study shows that the websites that appear on the first page of Google have almost 95% of user’s clicks, and also web results that appear considerably high on the page attain enhances click-through rate (CTR) and thus receive increased traffic. SEO makes some changes to the website content and design which helps your website to appear on a higher position to a search engine. By working efficiently on SEO, you can increase your website’s chance to appear higher on the search engines. This will increase your possibility to reach more potential customers.

Tips to improve web rankings in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing?

(1). Make a responsive website – A responsive website can improve search engine rankings. A responsive website helps your website to adjust automatically to any environment, whether the visitor surfing your website from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The visitor can be able to navigate and read your website without any issue.

(2). Having top quality and unique content on your website – Please make sure to write high quality and unique web content. Although it is the best possible way to improve search ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. While writing content for your website, make sure it should be rich with a keyword, free from any mistake and must address the specific requirements of your target users.

(3). More backlinks – Backlinks are links from other websites. It is one of the most significant weighted Google ranking factors. It will improve your traffic and increase your site’s authority in search ranking if your website is rich with incoming links from high-authority websites.

(4). Improving CTR in search results – By improving your click-through rate (CTR), you can increase your search engine rankings. CTR determines the percentage of visitors that visit your website in search results and click on it.

(5). Equipped your website with SEO friendly images and videos – Your audience prefers images and videos to understand about a topic, accomplished a task or visualize a concept rather than a paragraph of text. You will have poor rankings in search results if your website lacks multimedia contents.

Why should I hire an SEO company?

(1). SEO companies bring the best results for your website – You possibly don’t want to allow the success of your business up to chance and possibly harm your website. Even your business is doing satisfactory profits, and doing great success in research, you possibly won’t be able to achieve a higher level without an experienced SEO company.

(2). Save Money on Resources/Tools – There are many resources and tools are available for effective SEO. Many of them are available free from any cost and some of them are paid. If you haven’t hired an SEO company for your website, you will possibly purchase those SEO tools exclusively only for your websites. This will certainly put extra burden on your pocket. The SEO Company possibly use those paid tools for multiple websites. So, you can save lots of money by hiring an experience SEO company.

(3). SEO is Long-Term Process – SEO is rather a long term process. Some illegal practices may improve your website’s rankings, but only professional SEO companies will improve online presence of your website with best legal way.

(4). Move along with latest SEO techniques – to rank the website, Google always used to modify its algorithm. It is not possible for you to learn a new technique every time. So, you need to hire an SEO company for your website.

What is SEO services cost and consulting rates in India?

Cost of Search Engine Optimization in India depends on many different elements and there is not any fixed standard for deciding the overall cost involved. It directly depends on your business goals, your competitors, your business target and the budget that you decided to maximize the performance of your company’s website. The number of keywords required to be promoted and the time involved to achieve top rank with various search engines will also decide the overall costing. The average costs of SEO in India may start from INR 20,000/month. Some Indian SEO companies offer SEO services with a more affordable plan.

Top 3 Tools for SEO On-Page Audit?

(1). Moz – Moz is one of the most eminent SEO agency and SEO tool provider’s agency. People use Moz products widely in their website’s SEO processes. SEO experts while performing link building with other sites use Moz rank, page authority and domain authority as matrices. Moz has free and pro tools for both modest to big enterprise businesses. Moz offers a range of free tools like Keyword Explorer, Business Console, Open Site Explorer, Research Categories, MozBar, etc.

(2). SEMrush – Semrush is one of the extensively used research and auditing tools used to track the organic keyboard, backlinks, PPC keyword and competitor research. One can use Semrush to track the competitor’s data and can be implemented SEO in order to achieve website ranking.

(3). Woorank – Woorank is another auditing tool for analyzing the websites and it is very popular among digital marketing companies, SEO Agencies, and website owners. It provides a detailed review of On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, locate defective web pages and backlinks and helps in improving the website ranking and visibility.

Top 10 SEO Analysis Tools

(1). WooRank – WooRank is free and premium SEO analysis tool that offers instant website review. Although it offers a generation of a fixed number of free reports at the same time, you can check previously generated reports.

(2). Site Auditor – To offer Internet marketing solution, Raven Tools provide Site Auditor as SEO effective tools. Site Auditor generates a report for your website that summarizes its findings.

(3). Google’s Webmaster Tools – Google’s Webmaster Tools are a beginner tools that explain the fundamentals of Google search. It helps you to see a specific URL as Google sees it, which is very helpful to troubleshoot poor SEO performance.

(4). Ahrefs – Ahrefs is advanced SEO tools that analyze your website property and produces, ranking profiles, link, and keyword to help you to take the best conclusion on your content.

(5). Check My Links – Check My Links helps you to check the working of external or internal links on a webpage.

(6). Lipperhey – Lipperhey is not a popular SEO analysis tool, but still it offers a lot of useful information for your website.

(7). Seoptimer – Seoptimer is a free SEO analysis tool that look into a provided URL’s on-page SEO ranking factors.

(8). GTMetrix – GTMetrix is an SEO analysis tool that check the loading speed of your webpages.

(9). HEADMasterSEO – HEADMasterSEO is a simple SEO analysis tool that check the status codes for a list of URLs.

(10). SEO Site Checkup – This is a free SEO analysis tool that examine the performance of your site with 45 individual checks in 6 different categories.

Top 5 Free SEO Analysis Tools?

(1). Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a priceless tool that is almost essential to any digital marketing company serious about SEO. It offers a lot of important information about websites such as the traffic sources, number of site visits and location demographics.

(2). Answer the Public – Answer the Public is a nifty tool that provides people with important data and awesome keywords from the questions that people ask on social media, blogs and on forums.

(3). WooRank – WooRank is free and premium SEO analysis tool that offers instant website review. Although it offers a generation of a fixed number of free reports at the same time, you can check previously generated reports.

(4). Keyworddit – Keyworddit is a free and awesome SEO tool for finding keywords ideas. It sources keywords from subreddits on Reddit and provides a complete list of threads where a specific keyword was used.

(5). Seobility – Seobility crawls your complete website and finds search engine optimization issues like technical SEO issues, blocked pages, sitemap problems and lots more.

Top 10 Keyword Analysis Tools?

(1). Google Keyword Planner – Google’s keyword planner provides an immense and comprehensive review of everything related to the keyword.

(2). SpyFu Keyword Research – SpyFu Keyword Research provides suggestions based on your particular domain. It helps its premium users to import keywords that cannot be tracked because of low search volume.

(3). IMforSMB – IMforSMB helps you to generate keywords based on the location and business type.

(4). Google Trends-Google Trends has rich features and attractive layout of reporting dashboard.

(5). Soovle-It provides suggested keyword ideas from Google, Bing, YouTube Amazon and more.

(6). Jaaxy- It provides thousands of different keyword ideas within seconds including keywords that won’t find in most other keyword analysis tools.

(7). Ahrefs Keywords Explorer- It offers new and improved Keywords Explorer. It provides vast in-depth information on each keyword.

(8). SECockpit- It has built-in features that offer organic competition, depth on search trends and traffic estimates.

(9). Keywords Everywhere- It is a keyword analysis tools that exhibits keyword data on top of 10 websites including Amazon, eBay and Answer The Public.

(10). KWFinder- KWFinder quickly evolves as a useful keyword analysis tools and it is very intuitive.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Blogs for SEO & PPC?

(1). The Moz Blog – Moz blog is one of the best references available for understanding about SEO studies, trends and best practices. The Moz blog is one of the best blogs to read for SEO or inbound marketing initiatives. Each of Moz blog offers real value actionable insights articles related to SEO. Their contents are very useful to seasoned veterans of SEO.

(2). Search Engine Journal – Search Engine Journal is one the popular online publication that focuses on the subject of search engine marketing. It covers useful SEO information, tips for pay-per-click marketing and search engine algorithms.

(3). Socialfresh – Socialfresh offers useful blogs for people who may not have enough time to study multiple articles at a time. It blogs covered diverse topics mainly focus on the power of social media and how the social media industry is evolving.

(4). HubSpot – It contents mainly focus on inbound marketing and also cover a wide range of topics from hiring good talent to customer service and productivity.

(5). Kissmetrics – The Kissmetrics blog provides testing and analytics insights on everything about digital marketing.

Benefits of YouTube Promotion

YouTube is completely free to use. According to Alexa, YouTube is the second most visited site. Potential for your business exposure is extraordinary with YouTube promotion. The research found that approximately 400 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute. There are over a billion users watching a billion hours of video per day. So there are lots of traffic opportunities there. Your video marketing content has the possibility to reach potential billions of viewers every day and the possibility of generating high traffic is definitely possible with YouTube promotion.

The YouTube view counter provides a good idea of the success of your video. YouTube’s analytics allow you to perform deeper tracking, like many social media platforms. The audience potential on YouTube alone is very high.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool on Google that allows small businesses to manage and create their Google listing which comes out when potential customers try to find businesses on Google Search and Maps. It allows the business to find new customers and share information about their special characteristics. Google My Business is also a core element of local SEO.

Benefits of Google My Business?

(1). Google My Business is free. It helps you to promote your business, establish customer relationships and building your brand without spending your hard-earned money.

(2). One of the biggest benefits of your business profiles on Google My Business it that your business occupies a place in search results.

(3). Your business can earn trust from your customers with the help of Google My Business. Google creates a trustable environment that your customers can rely on.

(4). Google My Business listing can greatly increase traffic and sales of your business. Connect with us for GMB Promotion.

Keyword Search

Keyword research isn’t just about a “keyword”; it is about phrases and questions your target audiences are using to find the answers, products, and services.

Competitive Analysis

Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.

Link Building

Link building refers to the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. Link building is the promotion of your website with the primary goal of securing a hyperlink to your page.

Web Marketing Analytics

Web analytics focuses on the data that comes from website tracking and a customer’s general presence online.

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